Limit... the story sadly ends...

Last week I got an e-mail from Iain with very bad news... news I didn't expected! some words he wrote...

"Last year Dorothy and I moved from Italy to Malta. Recently we had bought
and moved into to our own house. On the roof we had built an area for both
Carter and Lewis that even contained a 'dog toilet'. A larger part of the
roof is being turned into a roof garden and this was blocked to the boys by
the use of an iron gate. Lewis had been seen on one occasion walking along
the perimeter of the roof wall, so we always tried to keep them out of this
area whilst plans were made to raise the height of the perimeter.

Today Dorothy received a call from a neighbour telling her that one of the
boys was outside the house. She rushed back to find Lewis in a footpath
lying on the ground. It would seem that he had been walking the ledge and
fell off. She immediately moved him inside and started to contact a vet.
When I arrived we took Lewis to a local vet who checked him for broken bones
and reported that he was just suffering from shock but he would give Lewis a
pain killer. The vet said to take Lewis home and keep him comfortable and
that Lewis should be fine by the morning. We took him back home and kept him
in the living room in his bed.

He died thirty minutes later.

We are both devastated to have lost him."

of course I was devastated too... I was thinking of all the good times we had here and how sweet he was and... you know how it goes. I didn't understand how this could happen. the next day I got another e-mail from Iain...

"Am a bit more composed now. It seems that Lewis was probably doing his
guarding act barking at a stray dog that appeared in the area yesterday. We
suspect that Lewis probably though he could jump down to the stray dog and
see him off.

We both keep thinking of his character and traits, things such as sitting
next to one of us and tapping our leg with his paw until he got some
attention. He never really got to liking children, but found plenty to
control at Dorothy's parents house on Sundays when the family would meet for
lunch. Dorothy has 7 nephews and nieces and Lewis was able to keep them all
quiet with just a look!

Although he was always ready to play with Carter, since we moved into this
house we had also spotted him playing with toys by himself. He would grab a
pull-toy and throw it in the air and then pounce on the toy shaking it. We
took this to mean that he was feeling very comfortable here.

As you can see from the attached photo, he had grown into the most handsome
boy. We will miss him dearly.

a week after Lewis (Limit) was gone Dorothy find the strenght to write some words to me

"Both Iain and myself have
truly been trying to make sense of this whole ordeal.  He has always been
our beloved puppy....both him and Carter. We couldnt chose who to love more,
they are both fantastic.  I find it hard to believe that a week down the
line, I still don't have lewis with me.  I keep looking out at the place i
found him, when he fell.

Bringing him back from the vets he looked at me constantly, wagging his
tail, realising I was scared for his safety....wouldnt look away, and I
cuddled him until we got to the car.  Once he came back, I realised he was
not well because his jaws were still very light pink almost white and his
tongue hung out of the side of his mouth.  I tried to help him to drink but
he wouldnt.  I called the vet to check why he was moving frantically,
explained the state of his gums and tongue and that he was not drinknig and
he said i shouldnt worry, the pain killers will take effect soon andhe will
be ok if left alone.  Well 30 minutes later he died by my side.  I did my
best to keep him with me, I wish I could have done more!

Iain and I have been talking a lot about Lewis, and at least we are glad we
have managed to give such a lovely dog a happy home where he was loved
dearly by all of us.  We were very lucky to have him, he has made a
difference in our lives and his constant attention to all of us has made us
realise how much he loved us.  The heart ache is something i am finding hard
to come to terms with.  He became more and more mischievous...our little
darling , more days went by and the more he showed affection....little
things like nibbling on my hand, licking me and coming closer to get
cuddles.  I myself had to go to a doctor a few days back, woke up with a
panick attack.  Doctor told me I was stressed out but I am slowly trying to
cope with his loss.  For Carter's sake I try my best to be positive, show
him fun and play with him.

Carter is very confused about what happened, he waits for Lewis at the door
and barks frantically to be let out and look for his mate!  I get worried
about him and know that he needs another dog with him.  Perhaps we will get
one....and the three of us are now accepting that Lewis will not be with us
any longer!

Ilse, I look at your web site constantly when i am in the just
reminds me of what a treasure we had.  His loss is greatly missed by Iain,
Carter and myself and his memories will always be in our hearts.

Dorothy x

Thank you Iain and Dorothy for giving Limit such a good life and a great home. I couldn't have dreamed for a better place for him. together with Carter, first playing in the lakes of Italy and the last year in Malta. he sure has seen a lot of the world! the boy has had a wonderful life... with people who loved him dearly... a playmate who is lost without him... and an auntie far away in Belgium who's still loves him big time.

thank you again for taking such good care of Limit

He will be greatly missed by us all