A visit to Fly's brother Nick 06/06/05

with mum Jess and dad Yurda, Nick's new friend Bandith, Diesel and Copper and don't forget our good old bc Pacha who had a blast of a time! Nick lives near the sea so we had a great walk and both puppies played until they were to tired to stand up, here are some pictures of the day

Diesel, Pacha and Jess fetching the tennisball

Pacha enjoying the view

Diesel Pacha and Jess again

the whole bunch, Nick and Fly, Bandith, Diesel, Copper Yurda and Pacha

Pacha waiting for the tennisball...

Copper attacked by Fly :-)

Fly running

and more running

Ncik running

and more running

and even more running, Fly and Nick

a moment of rest (well...)

and again off running, Fly and Nick

Jess enjoying the view

also Pacha does more sideseeing

and Bandith watches them all from above

Nick (where's my sister?)

oh there, with daddy Yurda

yipie... more sand to play in!

this was such a nice day! thanks Joke