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Silque border collies (Belgium)

Quellyane border collies (Belgium)

never enough border collies (Belgium)


Nice of you to Come Bye (The Netherlands)

TAW banner (Elmo)

From Borders Home Border Collies (Dutch) 

Corinlea Border Collies (UK)

Sheltysham Border Collies (UK)

Stillmoor Border Collies (UK)

Sykerön Border Collies (Finland)

Database of Finnish Border Collies

Clan-Abby Border Collies (New Zealand)

Border Collie Society of America


Australian Shepherds Of The Maureibo (Belgium)

Du mont des Ermites (France)

Some kind of Magic Australian Shepherds (Belgium)

Youston, Hawk, Lily and the others (France)

Touchstone Australian Shepherds (USA)

Nattrekja australian shepherds (Belgium)

Blue Magic River Aussies (The Netherlands)

Indian Dream Aussies (The Netherlands)

Dutch Lakota Aussies (The Netherlands)

Australian Shepherd 'Apache' (The Netherlands)

Scooter and Friends (The Netherlands)

Strona Choco Australian Shepherd (Poland)




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