In Loving Memory

In loving memory


04/11/2003 - 02/11/2012

I had to say goodbye way to early to one of my sweetest girls, Jilleke, it was a very short but heavy battle, one she couldn't win ...

She has some friends up there that are waiting for her but down here we miss her so much, rest in peace my dear and sweet girl

Always in my heart!


In Loving memory


12/06/2001 - 15/12/2011

Again  I lost a great dog and friend, probalby the best working dog I've ever had. Thanks Spark for all the fun we had together! I'd like to have more time with you but the cancer decided otherwise ... 

You're a special dog and always will be our red wolf!

In loving memory


 25/12/1997 - 02/05/2011

I had to say goodbye to my boy Silque Volcanic 'Flash', he was almost 14 years old, he gave me a lot of joy and some very nice kids trough the years

Always in my heart


In loving memory


 05/02/2000 - 08/11/2009

After his mother Pacha I had to say goodbye to my dearest boy Apache ...

He had two operations, trying to save him (many thanks to Jeaninne Sauviller)

but after the second he gave up ...

Now he's running free again and is happy reunited with his mum

but I miss him so much!



In loving memory


 16/06/1993 - 04/04/2007

I had to say goodbye to my dear and lovely Pacha...

She was almost 14 years old and my first border collie

 she will always have a very special place in my heart!

I'll never forget her!

Bred by us

 Alpha                                           Limit



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